Keren Richter & Vans Collaboration

Keren Richter Keren Richter 3

This acid pink and yellow on white background  tote is a signature product from the work of the very popular artist Keren Richter, which was designed for the Vans’ spring collection. The tote is made of the same durable canvas which was used for the Wellesley shoe, Vans’ girls sneakers whose whimsical design was also made by the young visual artist. Same illustration is available in two color options.

With a style sometimes described as creepy-cute, the New York based illustrator adds a psychedelic dimension and a certain hippy flavor to her works. If you are willing to explore a “stylish world inspired by sixties iconography and psychedelia, contemporary fashion, Islamic and Scandinavian textile design, and 8-bit arcade games” (or so she states on her blog), then this kind of tote is your kind.