Pentagram, Tote by Angus Haydun

Pentagram, Angus Haydun

A tote bag designed for the Pentagram Marks launch edition, it promotes an important part of the Pentagram’s activity. They believe that marks (pictorial or abstract symbols, logotypes, letter monograms, books or building signs) must be “unique, appropriate and relevant”. So they design them for more than 40 years now and celebrate their marks’ collection with another symbol, the eco chic symbol- the textile tote bag.

And what else would be more eloquent in this situation than real examples of marks? Rows of marks, in vibrant red, cover the surface of this tote, interrupted only by a few words that announce the pretext of the design. Some of them are recognizable logos (like that of V&A- Victoria and Albert Museum, for instance). Pentagram is known as a designer of marks, but they prove they can also design a tote to speak about their activity.