Tristan Eaton of the Thunderdog Studios

Tristan Eaton

Better known as Graffiti Artist, Illustrator & Toy Designer, Tristan Eaton of the Thunderdog Studios, is the creator of the Runts, a limited edition of cute, pop art characters. The Runts are standard plush, standing 7″ tall, available only in blue, white and orange (only 200 pieces for each color) and a Japanese exclusive.

Those who loved the Dunny series- imaginative, colorful toys for all ages, will also like these cute creatures that decorate the green and orange tote bags holding flowers or the peace sign in their little hands. They carry the inspirational message “Love your planet”, but the young designer’s style of Pop Art also draws a line between art and consumerism. Tristan Eaton’s artwork manages to blend elements of popular modern culture and mass media trends to create unique and captivating products.