Momorobo Studio,Two-Sided Print Tote Bag 3 1

Momorobo studio made this two-sided print tote bag for Wieden and Kennedy Shanghai, a creative communications company and aligned itself to the movement of artists supporting eco ideals through their work.

An indie design collective in Singapore, Momorobo people define their style as non-minimalism, and this is clearly visible on the all-over design. There’s not an inch of canvas left uncovered, but each one has something to say to the viewers, so they can never get bored of finding new meanings in shapes and lines they didn’t notice on the first sight. The green kit includes large eyed characters, so familiar for the fans of oriental style of drawing faces, in a monstrous urban landscape, metamorphosed into a living chaotic creature ready to devour its inhabitants. Maybe an environmental message we won’t miss.