Mel Lim, Cuteness Inspire Prints 2

How do design and business get along? Very well, in fact, if you are Mel Lim. The Malaysian designer started to follow her passion in adolescence and transformed it into a successful business.

The designs talk about a universe of childhood – but not only for children, populated by characters that inspire cuteness (butterflies or rabbits in the middle of flowery sceneries). Scenes like the girl playing the flute or petting a fantastic creature like the unicorn give these totes something of a fairy tale, with a strong sense of play. We can‘t leave unnoticed the Asian elements, such as a delicate and colorful oriental umbrella.

Also dedicated to green living and design, the designs of Mel Lim are made with 80% recycled cotton and 20% recycled soda bottles, in limited editions only, under the brand JOY. And joy it is.