Darling Clementine Studio, Ooh La La

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French inspired slogans and French moustaches, geometric prints on minimalist canvases- they all define the new series from Darling Clementine studio, called “Paris!”. If their motto is to have good time at work, it seems that we can also have a good time due to their works.

The “Ooh La La” canvas bag concentrates on this very French expression, hard to translate in English but easier to illustrate on a trendy tote.

There’s also the cute design of “Uhu Wolf” design, featuring a sweet little wolf in disguise and a drummer wolf.

“Monsieur Cabaret” really shows the imaginative approach of Darling Clementine studio on mixing the French elements with fun characters.

They use eco-friendly paints and offer various color options. Their illustrations and designs make these totes fun to wear, while sporting “une certain air Parisien”.