Monthly Archive: October, 2009

Two fashion legends, Karl & Jacobs, Totes

Two absolutely adorable tote bags from the design studio Pattern People, they feature famous faces made in plain black ink on natural cotton canvas. Known for their fashion prints, the team from Pattern… Continue reading

RightRides, “Who’s Gonna Drive You Home Tonight?”

Maybe you have already been asked “Who’s Gonna Drive You Home Tonight?” or at least, you’d thought about it. This is exactly the question that RightRides– a New York-based non-profit, has an answer… Continue reading

Little Fury, Cheerful Totes

Although they have an impressive portfolio of branding and product packaging, Little Fury designers bring us those cheerful totes. They have a nice surprise that makes them really playful, the tote bags include… Continue reading

Print Liberation Studio, Bold and Unforgettable Prints

For the print liberation, Jamie Dillon and Nick Paparone from Print Liberation studio work non-stop to create “fresh, delicious, and new” stuff, like these totes here. Strong and clear messages on their products usually… Continue reading

New York Based Studio, Murder She Tote

Lady bugs on a lady bag, but also large confetti print for boys’ choice and a luscious Marylin Monroe print for tastes of any gender- these are only a few words to describe… Continue reading