New York Based Studio, Murder She Tote 3 2

Lady bugs on a lady bag, but also large confetti print for boys’ choice and a luscious Marylin Monroe print for tastes of any gender- these are only a few words to describe the designs from Murder She Tote.

Joyful, teasing, over-whelming,the edgy design of New York based studio acts provocatively on us, making us want to wear one or more of these totes. The color choice seems to be endless in variations and tones, allowing the owner to express a multitude of moods and variations in personality.

Ladybugged, Large confetti and The Marylin are a part of the artistic stew this creative team offers us, using inspiration from various sources: the streets, the beach, the gutter and many others, in order to convince us to stop wearing totes and start totting.