Print Liberation Studio, Bold and Unforgettable Prints 1 2

For the print liberation, Jamie Dillon and Nick Paparone from Print Liberation studio work non-stop to create “fresh, delicious, and new” stuff, like these totes here. Strong and clear messages on their products usually reflect these guys’ “extensive knowledge of contemporary art, culture, and commerce”.

Bold and unforgettable, “Don’t Give Up” and “The End” prints on these woven denim totes say exactly what they appear to, but the “Warsaw” print goes a little political on us. The art meets geopolitics in this unique tote design, in a way that trespasses a bit the usual eco-statements of your regular totes, but it will probably become another one of the Print Liberation classics.

The Print Liberation products are usually available in more color options and the prints are made of  water-based eco-green ink.