RightRides, “Who’s Gonna Drive You Home Tonight?”


Maybe you have already been asked “Who’s Gonna Drive You Home Tonight?” or at least, you’d thought about it. This is exactly the question that RightRides– a New York-based non-profit, has an answer for. The tote design was made by artist Garrett Morin to honor their activity, which includes offering people a free, late-night ride home to ensure their safety.

Illustrator and graphic designer Garrett Morin, member of the Rad Mountain studio in Brooklyn, NY created this design of a friendly, trustworthy knight who is also a modern character, making an eco-statement by riding a bike instead of a horse. The black background suggests the late-night moments, but the optimistic colors (light pink and purple) offer an ensuring and comforting feeling. There is a certain childhood fascination he expresses in his work and this tote is no exception.