Two fashion legends, Karl & Jacobs, Totes



Two absolutely adorable tote bags from the design studio Pattern People, they feature famous faces made in plain black ink on natural cotton canvas. Known for their fashion prints, the team from Pattern People chose these two figures for their light-spirited totes. Two fashion legends, Karl “The Kaiser” Lagerfeld and Mark “The King Of Grunge” Jacobs are rarely portrayed other than in serious contexts, highlighted as fashion gods in the shadows of the catwalk. Their “15 minutes of fame” begin with the everyday use a tote is due to and this is where the irony begins.

Lagerfeld was already seen with a “Karl Who?” tote on his elegant shoulder, but here he is surrounded by the symbols of Paris and Chanel (pearls, shoes and the famous “five o’clock” purse),  while Jacobs is also portrayed alongside his own favorite elements.