Monthly Archive: November, 2009

Jesus Is My Homeboy, Tote Bag

Not exactly the regular subject for a tote bag, this design is part of the accessories collection from J.I.M.H.B. “Jesus Is My Homeboy” and “Mary Is My Home girl” are only some of… Continue reading

New York based Eric Haze, Tote for 55dsl

Do you like signature totes?  Here comes an interesting one. A black and white dramatic design featuring stars and geometrical shapes, this carries the signature of a living legend in the graphic artists’… Continue reading

LA Based Illustrator Hannah Stouffer, A World of Magic Creatures

A world of magic creatures, where “the heart of darkness exists within the light” and “darkness falls forever”, where designs are filled with intricate details and mythological elements blended into an eclectic agglomeration… Continue reading

Retro Yet Hip, Hanna Melin, Summer holiday 1989 Tote Bag

How was our world 20 years ago? We may have different angles of remembering this. Considered R, “H” tote bag by Hanna Melin brings back a glimpse of her own memories from the… Continue reading

UK Designer Catherine Colebrook, Keep Calm Totes

Pink, yellow, teal or lavender: there are a few of the available options for personalizing this tote bag. Color and fabric make a nice pair for UK designer Catherine Colebrook, who likes to… Continue reading

Animal Bandido, Colorful indie street-wear label

Striking colors, funky patterns and shapes, crazy names and a lot of bare skin, where does this psychedelic fuzziness originate from? “Nuevo orden mondial”, “Carcelona”, “Cabaret Macabro” are some of the newest designs… Continue reading

Amnesty International, Tote Bag

I was pleased today when Elena came into the studio today sporting a nice charity tote bag. Naturally I had to have a photograph of it for my blog. She kindly said she… Continue reading

Alison Carmichael Makes a Contemporary Statement, Tote Bag

Glossy magazine campaigns can sometimes be more than fluff, especially when they reach to an eco-conscious target audience with a responsible, powerful message to protect nature. “We Are What We Do”, same guys… Continue reading

Adidas Originals shopper Bag

The idea of carrying a branded tote bag like this Adidas Originals shopper bag may seem a little far from what it appears to be one of the tote bag’s goals: making an… Continue reading

David Downton, M&S Cotton Bag Range

Simple, but appealing, ecological yet glamorous, who’d have seen this M&S cotton bag range coming? Featuring the illustrations of the talented David Downton, the collection became real and also very popular. The UK… Continue reading