Young Designer Jan Willem Wennekes a.k.a Zeptonn Funcky Character Tote

Young designer Jan Willem Wennekes a.k.a. Zeptonn from The Netherlands finds his motivation to create in “conveying happiness and bringing a smile” to the viewer’s face.  Although he’s an A.I. and Philosophy graduate from Groningen University, he currently works in illustrative design that includes character design.

Even if it is “un bolso negro” (a black tote), simplified lines converge in a” loose and wacky style”, keeping it bright all the way. It was created for, a fair trade brand. Zeptonn lab  involves in eco-friendly projects and solutions and this tote, “Follow your dream”, is a nice way of being eco. It also has bigger handles for a comfortable wear and its design and colors make it suitable even for the boys out there who want to carry their groceries in a tote.