North Carolina Illustrator, Jordan Grace Owens, Totes

Which print designs can be called “a little coy and a little girly, but with a modern, no-frills sense of style”? After watching these portraits “inspired by styles and fashions from the past century” you may agree that they fit right into the previous description.

Jordan Grace Owens
is an artist and illustrator in North Carolina, an admirer of “design that straddles the line between art and everyday functionality, like handmade craft, folk art, and hand-painted signs”. Her own work shows both the aesthetic and the functional dimensions, by using an imperfect handcrafted graphic style to illustrate tote bags.

She also thinks that modern handmade revolution is “injecting little bits of art, good desig, and attention to detail” into generic and mundane parts of our surroundings. As a graphic artist, she declares herself satisfied to see her prints becoming “portable little pieces of art” mostly for young, hip, modern women.