Matthew Lein, Brooklyn-Based Illustrator Likes To Show His Artwork On Tote Bags.

Did you know that “in New York if you buy a pack of gum at the bodega, they will double wrap it in plastic bags unless you tell them not too”? Artists and designers are nowadays making attractive items out of the mundane tote bag, with “the same amount of thought and energy that in the past may have been dedicated to prints or t-shirt design”.

There’s no wonder Matthew Lein, a Brooklyn-based illustrator likes to show his artwork on tote bags. Interested in street art and approaching several artistic areas (prints, digital, sculpture, painting) he designed this replacement for plastic bags.

Another reason is to prevent losing personal liberty, like privacy on the NY subway, where backpacks and large containers are randomly chosen for police search. Besides, Matthew Lein sees the tote bag as a “whole new medium for artists and designers to spread their ideas” to the world.