Kate Mowbray Goes for Simple Graphic Tote Bags

Kate Mowbray goes for simple and ingenious designs, minimal shapes and colors, contrasting effects for her tote prints. She thinks that artwork becomes something else when it can be carried round in a functional role. “I am drawn to simplicity, striking visuals and creating calming atmospheres” are her own words.

Where does she find inspiration? It seems like “the natural world that surrounds us and the beauty of minimalism and subtlety”, surface pattern design and decorative illustration are the main sources for Kate’s artwork. And what about here favorite audience? Obviously, it can be anyone who shares similar tastes as her: multifaceted, reflective, influential style of work.

The illustrator also thinks that “green is the new black” and it is ideal to combine artwork and functionality. “Why shouldn’t we surround ourselves with beautiful, but usable things?” is her question and honestly I can’t see any negative answer to that.