Monthly Archive: April, 2010

Chip Chop! Hannah Chipkin, off beat canvas totes

It is the brain child of designer, Hannah Chipkin and reflects her colourful, left of field perspective on all things big and small – making things that speak to like-minded people. ‘It’s all… Continue reading

Pintuck, Old Fashioned, Back to Basics Tote Bags Green Slogans

Pintuck is a online boutique shop. Mary Fellows products are designed, printed and supplied in England, her designs have a very soft and sweet feel to them which is a lovely vision. You… Continue reading

Nate Williams, Silkscreened Limited Edition Totes

The Design AgencyFuria asked Nate Williams to create a pattern for a tote bag, a limited edition print for the recruiting agency’s, SESA Select, 30th anniversary. They also produced a book that featured 30… Continue reading

FUCT x Medicom Fabric Camo Collection

Erik Brunetti from FUCT designed a capsule collection for Medicom Fabrick, the luggage division of Medicom Toys. “The set consist of a Backpack, Waist / Shoulder Bag, Tote bag, Slippers, Wallet and Pillow. We… Continue reading

Rogues Gallery Spring 2010 Beacon Totes

Rogues Gallery takes stock in a new series of Beacon Totes for Spring 2010. “The Beacon Tote Bag is made by hand in our Portland, Maine Workshop from the highest quality waterproof Marine… Continue reading

Puma Reinvents The Shoe Box

Puma has partnered with The Fuse Project to completely redesign the packaging for their shoes. A team spent 21 months studying different boxes and packaging schemes, searching for the most efficient, sustainable way to… Continue reading

Geneine Honey, Whimsical Story, Tote bag

The Australian artists Geneine Honey, Whimsical and figurative illustration style inspired her to create accessories which she fell in love with, and created this wonderful tote bag. It is very clear to see… Continue reading

Steve Price, Stay In Dept Tote Bag Message

Steve Price is a London based designer. This particular tote bag design he created was inspired by the legendary ‘Keep calm and Carry On’ poster from 1939. Commissioned by King George and the… Continue reading

Louise Lynn, Fluid Typographic Bag Prints

Louise Lynn is a young designer and artist from Liverpool UK. For such a young designer she is carving a good career for herself. The tote bags louise has created are very fluid… Continue reading

Made By White, Crafty Tote Bag Prints

Made By White, is a crafty brand set up by 2 best friends who like to create brooches, necklaces and much more, from a range of colourful materials. The pair find inspiration everywhere… Continue reading

Kentarou Tanaka, Rhythmic, Painterly Tote Bags

Kentarou Tanaka is a Japanese artists Living in small town call Shiga, Japan. Kentarou’s work is rhythmic patterning of painterly and cultural elements – sacred and profane, personal and political, from high and… Continue reading

Flygirl, Screen Printed Tote Bag

These typographic screen printed tote bags were created by Flygirl. She writes a blog on and  journal of all things beautiful, creative and inspirational. Flygirl’s tote bag was created  while taking a screen… Continue reading