Steve Price, Stay In Dept Tote Bag Message

Steve Price is a London based designer. This particular tote bag design he created was inspired by the legendary ‘Keep calm and Carry On’ poster from 1939. Commissioned by King George and the Government just in case the Nazi’s invaded us.

His style is provocative, sarcastic, ironic. The Keep Spending and Stay in Debt was a series of work he did for fun. Partly to return to screen-printing, but also as a frustrated reaction to the on-going financial debacle that has seemingly been whitewashed by our Politicians, who themselves are largely guilty of the same thing our banking system is – greed and selfishness.

Steve thought it was logical to make a Totes bag because after all the medium is the message. Plus it is a relatively cost effective way of getting you message ‘out there’, and they generally have some purpose.