Monthly Archive: September, 2010

Gemma Correll, Love of Pugs and Tote Bags

Gemma Correll, stylized illustration is very distinctive. A very humorous and witty style of work that always makes you smile and laugh, here are some great examples of her wit and love of Pugs which… Continue reading

Franz Tormers, New Zealand based Designers, Tote bag Creations

Franz Tormers is a creative collective based in Christchurch, New Zealand making graphic tees, totes, prints and other designer goods. Everything comes in very limited edition runs (between 10 – 50), their concept… Continue reading

Zoë Ikin, Cameo Tote Bag

A graphic designer by day, Zoë Ikin brings a perfectionist hand and ideas-approach to all of her work. The Cameo Tote Bag is a modern twist on an icon of vintage glamour. This… Continue reading

326 is a Collective of Designers from Auckland, New Zealand

326 is a collective of designers from Auckland just having fun turning their creative ideas into real products for you to enjoy. Chase your friends around the supermarket making beeping noises with these… Continue reading