Paris Based Designer, Memi The Rainbow, Creates Cute Eco Friendly Personalized Tote Bags

Paris based designer, Memi The Rainbow, has created personalised tote bags, being an object of common use should not be an excuse for neglecting the aesthetic side: she feels, the belief was to make the tote bags into attractive, sensitive, and laden with subtext product.

Memi The Rainbow draws inspiration from everything simple, cute and poignant. Moreover, the good vibrations that come out from an éclair au chocolat (a delicious French little cake) and from a song like “I’m sticking with you” were really helpful for her creative side!

To use a shopping bag instead of a plastic bag is lifestyle choice: it’s an ecologic need to change bad habits, to act against the waste of resources, and to work for save the nature. These bags are purpose made for all who believe that changes start from daily little actions.