Monthly Archive: February, 2011

Holland Based Designer,Laurine Brugman, Silk Screened, Urban Graphic Print Canvas Totes Bags

Laurine Brugman is a designer based in Holland, and runs a studio called Studio Lau, where she works as freelance graphic designer. Laurine like to work on various projects, from designing book covers to styling clubs and… Continue reading

Repurposed Antiques Tote Bags, Recycled & Crafted From Repurposed Coffee Bean Sacks

Repurposed Antiques!  repurposed – to use or convert for use in another format or product. Repurposed Antiques take salvage finds and turn them into unique products, in this case, Coffee Bean Sacks recycled into… Continue reading

The Tote Bag book, Officially Published

The Tote Bag book. I had worked very hard on the book, having written and designed, and project managed the book. I could not resist seeing it on its officially published date in… Continue reading