Monthly Archive: May, 2011

Upcycled Street Banner Bag, Made From Rescued Street Banners, These colorful Creations Are Made by Eco Party Mearry, a South Korean Non-Profit Based in Seoul

Upcycled Street Banner Bags are made from rescued street banners that would otherwise have been discarded. These colorful creations are made by Eco Party Mearry, a South Korean non-profit based in Seoul that… Continue reading

Tim – Upcycled Suit Tote is made from a vintage wool suit with a multicolored corduroy shirt & reclaimed sofa leather

This 100% Upcycled Suit Tote is made from a vintage wool suit with a multicolored corduroy shirt, and the handles are made from reclaimed sofa leather. Each Tote can fit a laptop, and… Continue reading

The New Domestic Graphic Totes, Playful Permutations of Geometric Precision Triangles

Domestic Graphic Totes products are heavy weight recycled cotton canvas tote bags with screen printed patterns. All bags have diagonal pattern on the back for a two-in-one look. Triangles – strong with its… Continue reading

Unique T-Shirt & Shirt Tote Bag, Roll Up & Take Away Bags

Roll it up, pack it in your luggage. This bag unrolls into a convenient tote for your day trips. T-shirt totes are reversible. Choose which side to use according to your mood. Source: By Airmail… Continue reading

Tote Bag Gets Baperized, With Bold Bape Graphics, Kaws & Baby Milo Artwork

The original Tote bag gets baperized with these releases from Bape, The Bape tote bags designs feature a collegiate 2011 tote bag, A simple design with the “Bape Head” logo and a colaboration with… Continue reading

Wacko Maria x Porter ‘Guilty Parties’ Tote Bags

More totes for you blokes. These ones have some colorful bubble letters that spell out ‘Guily Parties,’ so they know you’re a bad man and not just a tote-toting wussy. Features a snap… Continue reading

A.P.C. Denim Tote Bags

French label A.P.C. has recently released some denim tote bags from their 2010 fall/winter collection. Printed with slogans such as “The Pope Smokes Dope 2″ and “Let Your Karma Drive Over Your Dogma,”… Continue reading

Ekawear ‘Wink’ illustration Tote Bag

Ekawear is a botique brand created by professional snowboarder in the U.K. Ekawear is a fair trade accessories brand with hats, headbands, scarves, mittens and apple computer accessories to name but a few of… Continue reading