Monthly Archive: September, 2011

Sweetharvey Simple Silhouettes & Good Use of Negative Space, Creates Interesting #ToteBag Prints

Sweetharvey, studio create modern and fresh illustration that come to life in print! Sweetharvey create original  unique screen printed artwork that is individually hand-printed just for you! The robot and fox printed illustrated tote bags… Continue reading

The Purl Bee Blog, Molly’s Sketchbook: The Twenty Minute Tote #totebag

The above tote bags are from a the Purl Bee blog, The Purl Bee you can read about and create fun and approachable projects for you to knit, crochet, sew, stitch and more! These… Continue reading

Laurence King Publishing, Book Spine Silhouette #totebag Artwork

Laurence King Publishing, held a party to celebrate thier 20th year as independent publisher. I was very pleased to have been invited and enjoyed the celebrations. It was a pleasure to meet a… Continue reading

One and the Same, Black & White Sketch Converse and Photography #totebag Artwork

One and the Same, is a design studio created by Alessandra Olanow based in Brooklyn. Using simple but deliberate lines, Alessandra’s drawings always sparked conversation, sketching down at the local bar, at the park,… Continue reading

Nicole Docimo, Blue Bicicletta (beach-ee-clet-ta) is the Italian Word for Bicycle, Creates Green Themed Tote Bags #totebag

Nicole Docimo, who is an artist and illustrator living in Boulder, Colorado, USA, where she runs her brand, Blue Bicicletta (beach-ee-clet-ta) which is the Italian Word for Bicycle. Nicole enjoys making art–it feels like riding her blue… Continue reading

PhriendlyK8, Custom Tote Bag, Made To Order, High Eco Friendly Credentials #totebags

PhriendlyK8’s, PhriendlyK8’s Threads, who began sewing a few years ago K8, enjoys Sewing as a passion. K8 creates every single tote bag for a specific person, once that person sees it, they know that… Continue reading

Pembelalay, Royal Blue Zut Alors Beach Tote & Graphic Rose Tote, #totebag

New york based Pembelalay, inspired by vintage travel posters, frivolousness, anything pembe, ‘60s movie fashion, alliteration, polka dots, underdogs, cadbury fruit + nut bars, and everything parisienne. Pembelalay designed this power flower with the hopes… Continue reading

Rob Ryan, Tote Bag Designs Have a Naive Charm, Bright & Beautiful Illustrations, Incredibly Cute with a ‘Feel Good’ Factor #totebag

Rob Ryan collection has a naive charm with its bright and beautiful illustrations that also makes it all incredibly cute with a ‘feel good’ factor The birds and bells tote bag, has a… Continue reading