Nicole Docimo, Blue Bicicletta (beach-ee-clet-ta) is the Italian Word for Bicycle, Creates Green Themed Tote Bags #totebag


Nicole Docimo, who is an artist and illustrator living in Boulder, Colorado, USA, where she runs her brand, Blue Bicicletta (beach-ee-clet-ta) which is the Italian Word for Bicycle.

Nicole enjoys making art–it feels like riding her blue bicicletta down hills -fast- wind blowing her hair back, she describes, it was a likely choice of name for her shop and and blog. Nicole, loves putting black lines on white paper, and many of her drawings start from that simple place.

If ever there was a perfect garden or farmer’s market bag, this is it! Celebrate fresh, natural, locally grown food with this sweet tote bag, and go where you need to go – bring what you need to bring – in style – with this sweet hand-printed bicycle tote bag{works swimmingly for a trip to the pool, yoga class, grocery store, gym, and anywhere else about town too}. This bag would also make a great gift for the gardener in your life or enthusiastic cycalist