Laurence King Publishing, Book Spine Silhouette #totebag Artwork

www.toteprints.wordpress.com_Jitesh_patel_Laurence_king_publishing.jpeg.jpg.scaled500Laurence King Publishing, held a party to celebrate thier 20th year as independent publisher. I was very pleased to have been invited and enjoyed the celebrations. It was a pleasure to meet a wide and varied group of people, from fellow authors, editors, publishers, art makers as well as art historians. The evening was a buzz with interesting conversations. One of the highlights was laurence King him self taking the stage and describing his joy of guiding Laurence King Publishing to where it is today as well as thanking those who have been apart of it on its 20 year journey.

How could I not post about the Laurence King tote bag, which was given away as gift bag at the end of the evening, along with a free coffee mug, a trump card game set and the Laurence king current book catalogue. My favorite being the tote bag, the graphic itself, is of book spine silhouettes, with the prominent white Book spine being the Laurence King book, naturally. To many more years of book publishing to come, a great publisher or original art book.