Get Fashionable, Get Eco-friendly #totebag

www.toteprints.wordpress.com_totebags_Doodle-Bags.jpg.scaled500These days, reusable bags are popping up everywhere. Most department stores, even farm and grocery stores these days give out reusable bags – with their brand name imprinted on them. Printed reusable bags are great as they are attractive for the green, environment conscious crowd while at the same time advertise the brand for the seller.

These bags don’t just make you look good, they also let people know that you care about the environment as well. Using these bags over and over saves space as well as helps avoid a pile of plastic rubbish in the garden shed or garage and eventually in the local garbage dump.

Bag It Don’t Bin It is a Sheffield based reusable bags manufacturer who print cotton, canvas and jute bags. They have a wide range of stock of popular eco-bags styles and they can make a bespoke bag tailored to needs. They also have own brand bags that can be customised. Bags are stylish and low cost and most of all are ethically sourced and great as promotional material. Some of the well known clients Bag It Don’t Bin It have worked for include online retailer Asos, shoe brand Jimmy Choo, Sheffield University and even the NHS. The company’s products are for wholesale order only, which is a limitation but the good news is they are now catering to smaller individual orders through their sister company, Doodle Bag.

Doodle-Bag’s the place to visit if you are looking to design your bag or other clothing like aprons and tee-shirts as well as baby hats. The design tool available onsite allows you to create your own design by using images from the stock available online or your own images. If you’re happy with a plain cotton or canvas bag which you may want to embellish yourself, there are plain bags on sale as well! What’s more Doodle Bag is also a place for designers to submit designs that can be used to print the tote bags.

If you love nature and the world around you, reusable bags are an excellent alternative to the regular fare. There are numerous models and designs to choose from Bag It Don’t Bin It and Doodle Bag. Give yourself a chance to stand out- with a fashionable item that not only stands out, is eco-friendly  but is also inexpensive and has your own stamp on it!