Monthly Archive: February, 2012

Mike Patterson, Graphic Designer from Oslo, Creates “I shop with this bag” #totebag

Mike Patterson, is a student at graphic design from Oslo. He decided to create his own tote bags when he was studying in Denmark and realized that the price of a plastic bag… Continue reading

Sophie Parker, playful Hand-Drawn Badger and Fox #totebag

SophieParker, lives in London and has a BA in Textile Design. She has a passion for patterns, colours, cats and tea. Her work and tote bags has a focus on animals, friendship and… Continue reading

Sass & Peril, Shannon Kennedy, Creates Lions, Raccoons, Kittens #totebag Prints

Shannon Kennedy is a graphic designer with nearly a decade of experience who decided to leave the rat race and start her own line of handmade goods. She founded Sass & Peril, a… Continue reading

Nupur Goenka, ‘Lets’ Bags Made in India, from Reused Materials #totebag

The “Let’s” bags are made in India from entirely reused materials and their design is unique. The “Letsers” philosophy is to look at dying objects as if they are artifacts and to save… Continue reading

Kraken, Enveloping The Empire State Building #totebag

Kraken in Norwegian is the “legendary creature” while in German it means “octopus”. Now there is also the Kraken tote bag. It is part of a series of other Kraken products. The renowned… Continue reading

Rick Diaz-Granados, Los Angeles Typography, Typographic #totebag

Rick Diaz-Granados lives in Los Angeles and has a passion for typography. Being an art director and designer, he creates unique tote bags with typography in colors or black and white. The tote… Continue reading