Nupur Goenka, ‘Lets’ Bags Made in India, from Reused Materials #totebag

www.toteprints.wordpress.com_totebags_Totebags_toteprints_nupur_goenka-lets.jpg.scaled500The “Let’s” bags are made in India from entirely reused materials and their design is unique. The “Letsers” philosophy is to look at dying objects as if they are artifacts and to save them by giving them a lively new identity and very important, a new purpose (like recycling but more fun).

The fabrics reused are old saris and flex sheets and even the tag is made from reused materials. The fabric is sewn in different directions to make the bag more resistant and the handle is sewn on to the bottom of the bag to hold heavier products without tensioning the body of the bag. The shape is trapeze which makes them more comfortable to carry when loaded with heavy stuff.