Erin O’Connor & stylist Kate Halfpenny Create Witty & Powerful #totebag Phrases

www.toteprints.wordpress.com_totebags_Totebags_toteprints_.jpg.scaled500-6She died of beauty, SS12 has a new collection of t-shirts and tote bags designed by longstanding friends supermodel Erin O’Connor & stylist Kate Halfpenny.The designers say “the only thing we should have in common are our differences and celebrating individuality is core to our brand” and thus have created tote bags and tees with playful typography that reads things like “she lived for love”, “she lived for glory”, “she lived for shopping” or “she died of beauty”, “she died of satisfaction”. All witty and powerful phrases, printed on bags that are clearly designed for a “she”.The design itself is very simple: black on white or white on black, thus emphasizing the message and eliminating any distraction the colors might have caused.The bags are made of ethically and organically sourced materials “after all there’s no reason why style and conscience can’t co-exist!” say Erin & Kate.