Snowdon Design and Craft, Create Cute Tote Bag Prints of Love Heart, Squirrel, Pug Dog and Swallows

Snowdon design and craft, design and produce high quality, eco-friendly cards, bags and prints. Setting very high standards, All work is an original design, and designed to a high standard, providing you with lovely things that you’ll cherish for years to come. The studio is based in a stone cottage in the country side. 

The Tote bags include the following designs which were selected for the blog. A cute pug dog illustration with the words ‘woof’ above in quirky hand lettering; ‘Nutter Squirrel’ tote bag, featuring a cute brown squirrel on a leafy branch eating a nut, with the word ‘Nutter’ below in quirky lettering; ‘Love’ Heart Tote Bag featuring a beautiful, deep red heart design with the word ‘love’ at the centre, surrounded by flowers, leaves and hearts. Inspired by Scandinavian folk art; ‘Onward and Upward’ Tote Bag featuring a beautifully uplifting flying bird design, printed in a lovely deep turquoise blue.