Peris and Corr Create Eco Friendly Tote Bag Textile Printing Designs, Ditch Your Plastic Bags

www-toteprints-wordpress-com_totebags_totebags_toteprints_ (2)Dyfrig Peris and Jennie Corr, Peris and Corr. is an eco friendly printing and textile business based in Snowdonia, North Wales, who are committed to running an environmentally friendly and ethical business. Peris and Corr offer a water-based screen-printing service. Their printed tote bags are eco friendly designs which are environmentally friendly by not using plastisol ink which most screen printers prefer to use, that are generally a lot more harmful to the environment.

Peris and Corr source certified organic cotton which is sourced from ‘Organic Cotton’ in Machynlleth, or from a blend of organic cotton and hemp from Hemp Fabric UK. Our Organic Fairtrade Cotton tea towel are made in India and are sourced from Bishopton Trading in Bristol. All work is printed by them in the studio.

These tote bags are as green as they come, from the considered eco green ink to the fair-trade fabric they are printed on. ditch you plastic bags and pick up a eco one which you can be proud to carry your belongs in and make a green statement.