Memo, Helen Entwisle is a Leeds Based Illustration Artist. Creates Coffee & Zines Inspired Quirky Slogan #totebags

Helen Entwisle, who works as her alias Memo, is a illustrator Based in Leeds. Since graduating, Helen, has been working on here own brand Memo, creating a range of products and accessories, of which 2 nice tote bags. Helens designs are mostly screen printed. The slogans on the bag are a positive boosting message. If you are a coffee fan, why not lets others around you know, at the same time, you may just be able to convert them to become a coffee drinker or at the very least it would be a easy way to strike up a conversation. The independent zine frontier is thriving, but its always handy to make people aware of the many zine that are out there. I for one will be reading more zines.