Monthly Archive: March, 2013

By Charlie’s Hand, Intricate Paper Cut Style Tote Bag, Stag & Magpie Printed Designs #totebags

Charlotte Trimm, is the creator of  ‘By Charlie’s Hand’,. Charlotte is a papercut artist creating intricate and delicate illustrations, which are cut out by hand. Charlotte’s illustrations take alot of skill to create,… Continue reading

This Bag Contains, A Gun, A Bomb, A very Large Knife and Loads of Drugs

The above slogan print is pretty much one of the fun examples of why tote bags exist, tote bags dont always exist to save the planet, well they do, but you know what… Continue reading

Korean Born Illustrator Boyoun Kim, From New York City, Creates Whimsical Cats and Illustrated People onto #ToteBag

Korean born illustrator Boyoun Kim, based in New York City, creates whimsical tote bag illustrations of people and cats, for her tote bags. Beautiful hand screen  printed stylised illustration, for those who like cats, or may… Continue reading