Sarah Ray’s Fun and Bold #totebag Illustrations Offer Something Uniquely Different.

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Sarah Ray’s fun and whimsical illustrations offer something uniquely different.

She produces a range of greetings cards and screen prints that show an unusual take on life and its idiosyncrasies, to make anyone smile! Sarah illustrates from home in the UK, and produces her screen prints in a communal print workshop.

What will hit you straight in the face is how bold the prints are, Im a girl believer of big bold prints on tote bags, you definitely see them sticking out a mile away, and I guess you have to be pretty bold and confident to carry this over your shoulder, or maybe not? I doubt a lot of people get recognised on the street, and if your shy and meek, this is definitely a good way to grab yourself some free attention.

The simple quirky whimsical prints of the character face totes of the woman with the bun, and the green monster tote with the cyclist cycling over the green mound of its head are both laughable. Great for summer, and definitely a confidence booster totes.