Prism of Starlings Created by Kirsty Baynham, Illustrates Wolf #Totebag Goodness

Prism of Starlings is a design collection of illustrated goodness by Kirsty Baynham. The collection focuses on turning design concepts into usable and decorative products, such as tote bags

The print is a original illustration “Folia Rust”. The floral patterned animal has a tail made of leaves, and is surrounded by a decorative border created by leaf motifs, foliage, flowers, intertwining branches and jewels.

This hand-printed tote bag  “Make Believe” features an illustration of a wolf, decorated with hot air balloons, birds and Aztec-inspired patterns constructed from geometric shapes and tribal patterns.

Both prints will bring out your animalistic nature when you carry them, you won’t have to wait till a full moon for that to happen, unfortunately these bags don’t come with a disclaimer, so if you happen to take on any wolf characteristics your pretty much on your own on that one.