Dutch illustrator, @BartAalbers Quirky, Eye and Hand #totebag Prints, Watch Out for These Oversize Works



Dutch illustrator Bart Aalbers. has been busy, in between illustrating amazing character illustrations, his had time to work on some tote bags too. I featured Bart in the Tote Bag Book, Published by Laurence King in 2009, and I have to put my hands up and say im a fan of his work, and it was a no brainer to feature more of Bart’s tote bags on the tote bag blog

Bart’s gone one step further with the whole eye catching thing, by actually illustrating a quirky yellow eye, ever had that feeling someones watching you or eyes following you around, you might have good reason to feel a bit paranoid then with this tote bag staring at you.

A slap on your writs? too right, get your hands off that, what ever it is. A big hand on a tote bag, and why not? If anything you will always remember to do something with your hands while carrying this beauty around with you.