The Notting Hill Shopping Bag, Created by Natasha Courtenay Smith & Designed by Little School Children. #totebag bag high res

I have been exchanging emails with Natasha Courtenay Smith., an entrepreneur living and working from Notting Hill, London, I was excited to hear and see a wonderfully designed range of tote bags.

Natasha produces a novel range of tote bags to help promote and engage the local community of Notting Hill where she lives and work. The aim of the tote bags was to reduce the amount of plastic bags, and to plant the seed of being green is good for the planet and our future.

Working with a local school in Notting Hill, Natasha inspired the school children to come up with designs. the winning design, would have the honour of being printed on to a actual tote bag, which is pretty magic for the winning young designer.

To take this truly green and giving tote bag a step further, the tote bag is sold within the local community, thorough the Portobello market traders, and a  percentage of the sales is donated to the local charities.

One of the tote bags, which has little cute cup cakes on them was designed by famous resident and singer Natalie Imbruglia, Famous tote bags, thats a pretty rare thing to find, and all for a good cause to.

A nice little range of bags, designed by children, which help the local community and charity, and save the planet. Brilliant.