Monthly Archive: August, 2013

British Designer Maker Stephanie Cole, Accordion Illustration & Singer Sewing Machine #totebag Prints

British designer-maker Stephanie Cole’s work predominantly explores nature and the shapes, patterns and colours which excite her most. Inspirations come from a fruitful mixture of farmer’s markets, British hedgerows and thought-provoking proverbs and… Continue reading

Bordeaux Based Designer, Yumicha Creates Interesting Character and Icon #totebag Prints

Yumicha is a designer based in Bordeaux, France, after spending many years working in Paris for different design agencies. Yumicha works as a designer offering different design services to a wide and varied… Continue reading

Julia Gash, Queen of totes, Founder of Bidbi & Talented Totes, has her way with the #totebag

I recently met with Julia Gash, at the ‘Pure’ trade show at the London Kensington Olympia. Julia is an entrepreneur that has a passion for Tote Bags. So much so Julia has built… Continue reading

Sabrina Lee is a New York based designer, Illustrates Simple and Chaotic #Totebag Prints

Sabrina Lee is a New York based designer. Sabrina runs an online Boutique called Tote Shoppe, Sabrina is inspired by chaotic; bold coluors, complex patterns, layered textures, lines in architecture, repetition in nature, and… Continue reading