Julia Gash, Queen of totes, Founder of Bidbi & Talented Totes, has her way with the #totebag

www.toteprints.wordpress.com_Talented Tote 00 www.toteprints.wordpress.com_Talented Tote 01 www.toteprints.wordpress.com_Talented Tote 02 www.toteprints.wordpress.com_Talented Tote 03 www.toteprints.wordpress.com_Talented Tote 04 www.toteprints.wordpress.com_Talented Tote 05I recently met with Julia Gash, at the ‘Pure’ trade show at the London Kensington Olympia. Julia is an entrepreneur that has a passion for Tote Bags. So much so Julia has built up a great little company around her passion for tote bags, she offers a all in one printing and manufacturing service through her tote bag company, based in Yorkshire, England. Bidbi work with large and small companies who are looking to use these little tote bags for their business marketing and promotional needs. As well as working with companies, Bidbi also work with independent designers.

Bidbi works with independent designers and illustrators such as myself. There is real understanding of being ethical and fair, this is reflected through the people Bidbi work with, to source and work locally as possible, to source material for the bags form ethical sources, which understands good working terms and the need to have a less of a impact on the environment.

Julia being successful with Bidbi, formed Talented Totes an off shoot brand which works closely with designers and illustrators both at home and internationally, who create a special artist range of prints. Julia works closely with the designers and manufactures, overseeing very detail meticulously, this is evident in the quality of the bags and the care of the printing.

Talented totes, have moved beyond the conventional ubiquitous tote bag, and pushed the boundaries, of the shape, materials and printing, it’s a very forward thinking. Moving the tote bag forward while at the same time, retaining its charm, as a reusable ethical bag, which you sometimes simply like to pack away easily or pull out of your bag to carry your shopping or which you might have found while being on a day out, as if looking casual, with a simple tote bag on your shoulder.

Talented Totes has certainly achieved this by working with interesting artists to create unique tote bag prints, while at the same time taking a closer look at the tote bag, this is done by looking at the shape, of the tote bag, the handles and the materials, used to make the tote bag. Talented Totes, have worked closely with fashion brands to source selvage material, the unused quantity that is not used. I find this interesting and fascinating, this allows for a limited amount of tote bags to be made in a particular material, and once the material is all used up, that’s it; it’s a special unique bag, which is of a limited edition.