Bordeaux Based Designer, Yumicha Creates Interesting Character and Icon #totebag Prints

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Yumicha is a designer based in Bordeaux, France, after spending many years working in Paris for different design agencies. Yumicha works as a designer offering different design services to a wide and varied clientele, while at the same time offering a range of specially designed objects and small pieces which include these lovely tote bags.

The tote bags are named No1 and No2, however the bags could not look any different, bag No1 has a cute illustrated blue face of a girl with rosy cheeks and, why would you not want to carry something, which look innocent and cute? May be to disguise what ever it is your hiding in the tote bag?

Hello No2, yes quite literally it’s a Hello, is a swirly friendly typographic way. Hello to a green clean living sort of way I can only imagine, inspired by Totem poles and Tee Pees, be with nature I think the message is, a cute little bag with bold icon graphics.