British Designer Maker Stephanie Cole, Accordion Illustration & Singer Sewing Machine #totebag Prints

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British designer-maker Stephanie Cole’s work predominantly explores nature and the shapes, patterns and colours which excite her most. Inspirations come from a fruitful mixture of farmer’s markets, British hedgerows and thought-provoking proverbs and words of wisdom.

These 2 tote bags stand out from the crowd because of their boldness, and easily identified graphic illustrations. The singer sewing machine being a classic, I remember seeing them in homes of friends and family while growing up. Im almost tempted to try and stitch something together on the tote bag. A great stylized illustration incorporating the details of the Singer logo and floral motifs of the original sewing machines.

This has to be a first for me, an accordion illustration print on a tote bag, very original, why not? I think the tote bag can almost have any sort of design printed onto it, a versatile and useful canvas bag, which can be used with pretty much any fashion outfit. A lovely stylized accordion illustration print, which has floral motifs and icons within the illustration, which gives it a lot of interesting character, I like the hand drawn feel of the illustration, it’s a loose and free, and full charm.