Monthly Archive: September, 2013

French Designer Juliette Collet of Zü designs happy cloud Tote Bag

Created in May 2010, the Zü brand offers creations of decorative accessories, illustrations and a range of stationery. The creations are made in France in as small collections. As a trained graphic artist… Continue reading

Designsonearth Eco Bag Art Workshop London Design Festival

I was invited by Designsonearth which is a start up company formed by 2 forward thinking women Naomi Conneely and Merryl Catlow to come along to the Royal Festival Hall on the Southbank where… Continue reading

Illustrator Emily Boyd, Inspired by British Culture Creates #totebag Quirky Prints

Illustrator Emily Boyd, has been inspired by British culture, the royal family, tea drinking, rock ‘n roll and tattoos which have been applied to these carriers.  The bags I have selected feature; ‘Insane on… Continue reading

Stitched Owl print Sewn onto #totebag by Embroidery artist Rosanna Geissler

RosieG Embroidery was created in 2010 by Rosanna Geissler. All Embroidery artwork is created by Rosie and a basic sewing machine. Rosies website states , all products are created with patience, care & attention… Continue reading

Farmers Market Seasonal Vegetable #ToteBag Print by Moonglow Art, Ingredient illustrative ideas

Moonglow Art is a whimsical online brand, who create beautiful and colourful designs especially for little children, the illustrations by Moonglow art have a wealth of little stylised characters, which look very playful… Continue reading