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Jitesh Patel Illustration Hand Drawn Wild Crow and Owl Tote Bag Illustrated Prints #totebag

I have a keen interest in Tote bags, one which has become a bit of an obsession, I started to collect tote bags when I was travelling around South East Asia, My interest… Continue reading

Cute Totebag Repeat Prints by Successful Leah Goren, Brooklyn based illustrator and Surface Pattern Designer

Leah Goren is a successful illustrator and surface pattern designer living in Brooklyn, NY with her curly-haired cat, Leah creates beautiful fabric prints, which are sometimes applied to tote bags such as the… Continue reading

Depeapa, aka, Verónica de Arriba, from Granada, Spain, Creates these Beautifully Illustrated #totebag

Verónica de Arriba from Granada, Spain Creates these beautifully illustrated tote bags under her brand name, Depeapa, the Spanish for “from start to finish”. Verónica has bee successfully designing products for 5 years and, and… Continue reading

Geneine Honey, Whimsical Story, Tote bag

The Australian artists Geneine Honey, Whimsical and figurative illustration style inspired her to create accessories which she fell in love with, and created this wonderful tote bag. It is very clear to see… Continue reading

Do You Like Mushrooms? Kittozutto Tote Bag

Do you like mushrooms? This fantastic tote design comes from Kittozutto studio, an art and design studio that “believes in the beauty of dreams”. In their own interesting style, they picture here some… Continue reading

McFaul Studio

Playing with nature inspired themes- an explosion of trees and birds, sky full of clouds, seasoned with online popular symbols, the vectorial shadows on these McFaul Studio creations lighten the day of any… Continue reading

Obey Tote Bag

Shepard Fairey’s Is a well know artist, and you wont go wrong with this print he has created, find it at The Giant