The Simple Things Magazine / The Collector, Tote Bags, 20th March 2013 (English)

Simple Things Magazine, approached me once again, for a article feature for their April 2013 magazine. The feature titled The Collector, Tote Bags. I was thrilled to be interviewed for the magazine, and to talk about my ever growing Tote Bag collection and blog. The article focused on my opinion of why tote bags have become ubiquitous and popular to why I like to collect tote bags, my favorite bags and designer. The two double page spreads have a selection of photos of my favorite tote bags from my collection.

The Simple Things Magazine / The Tote Bag, 02 February 2013 (English)

No Longer just a hessian square, the humble tote bag has become a walking work of art. A long time collector of the carry alls, Jitesh Patel started the blog about his favourites, and has also turned it into a book. Ideal for anyone interested in modern design, it includes work from 12 illustrators and graphic designers from around the world. Particullary pretty ones include Kazuko Nomoto’s prints inspired by spring rain and birds, and Sarajo Frieden’s ‘Violin Tree’, plus Gemma Correll’s now famous ‘Pugs Not Drugs’ tote. This mini edition is perfect for fitting in your – yes- tote.

The Times on Saturday / How Votes for Totes Made  a Fashion Icon, by Polly Vernon, 05 March 2011 (English)

Incredible Things /,, The Tote Bag Book, by Brooke Dowd Sacco, February 2011 (English)

The Tote bag is easily the accessory of the decade, with a move towards using less plastic paper bags, nearly everyone owns a few canvas tote bags for groceries, books, or any other things you might pick up on a shopping trip. The artwork featured on popular versions have formed the basis of the Tote Bag Book. Designed by Jai Studio and written by Jitesh Patel. It celebrate the tote and the great designs that goes into some of the best styles around.

NylonMag /,,, Must Read Books, by Jessica Bumpus, London, UK,
24 February 2011 (English)

Whether you wear your tote as a statement about going green or just haven’t scrounged up the funds for a Mulberry Alexa. Its bought to beat the basic canvas carryall. Author Jitesh Patel gets this – so much so that the London based illustrators’s even devoted an entire book to the subject, aptly titled Tote Bag.

Featuring dozens of designs from international artists, its a celebration of the chic cheap staple that showcases everything from pop art screen prints to bold typography to our personal favourites the “tribute Totes,”which are cheekily stamped with face of Micheal Jackson and Karl Largerfeld.

Just a warning: reading about all these bags will probably tempt you to add another to your collection. But thats okay, because in an act of total genius, the book is cleverly wrapped in an adorable printed cotton tote itself.

Vogue /,,, Must Read Books, by Jessica Bumpus, London, UK,

03 February 2011 (English)

If you’ve frequented any front row – or even the supermarket – lately, you’ll know that he tote bags have been having a moment. Here you’ll see some of the most striking designs – from eco chic variations to those from some of the world’s leading illustrators. watch book also comes packed in its very own tote. £19.95