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Illustrator Emily Boyd, Inspired by British Culture Creates #totebag Quirky Prints

Illustrator Emily Boyd, has been inspired by British culture, the royal family, tea drinking, rock ‘n roll and tattoos which have been applied to these carriers.  The bags I have selected feature; ‘Insane on… Continue reading

Illustrator Stanley Chow, The Green Lady Tote Bag

Stanley Chow, a fellow Central Illustration artist, and illustration colleague shows off new tote bag illustration The Green Lady. The Illustration lends to create a mystical presences. Chow, has a very distinctive style which is obvious… Continue reading

326 is a Collective of Designers from Auckland, New Zealand

326 is a collective of designers from Auckland just having fun turning their creative ideas into real products for you to enjoy. Chase your friends around the supermarket making beeping noises with these… Continue reading

Girlgang, Hot Dog Head Bag, Pop Printed Bag

Girlgang, Colour-pop printed streetwear and accessories for girls who just wanna have fun! – pinklady – a born and bred Londoner, with a view to creating a powerful look that was all about… Continue reading

Kentarou Tanaka, Rhythmic, Painterly Tote Bags

Kentarou Tanaka is a Japanese artists Living in small town call Shiga, Japan. Kentarou’s work is rhythmic patterning of painterly and cultural elements – sacred and profane, personal and political, from high and… Continue reading

North Carolina Illustrator, Jordan Grace Owens, Totes

Which print designs can be called “a little coy and a little girly, but with a modern, no-frills sense of style”? After watching these portraits “inspired by styles and fashions from the past… Continue reading

“State-By-Celebrity” Melangerie's Tote Bag

Famous American people from Annie Oakley (Ohio) to Frank Zappa (Maryland) have been hand-picked by Melangerie team to combine into a true variety of stars. “State-By-Celebrity”  tote bag features illustrations of one famous… Continue reading

“State-By-Celebrity” Melangerie’s Tote Bag

Famous American people from Annie Oakley (Ohio) to Frank Zappa (Maryland) have been hand-picked by Melangerie team to combine into a true variety of stars. “State-By-Celebrity”  tote bag features illustrations of one famous… Continue reading

East London based creative label, Lazy Oaf

How to be bold and unique in a world filled with smart tote bags? Probably “Cleptomanicx” shopping bag, “Beatbox”, “Groucho” or “Happy Sad” totes would probably help you with that. Red, black, violet-… Continue reading

Jesus Is My Homeboy, Tote Bag

Not exactly the regular subject for a tote bag, this design is part of the accessories collection from J.I.M.H.B. “Jesus Is My Homeboy” and “Mary Is My Home girl” are only some of… Continue reading

David Downton, M&S Cotton Bag Range

Simple, but appealing, ecological yet glamorous, who’d have seen this M&S cotton bag range coming? Featuring the illustrations of the talented David Downton, the collection became real and also very popular. The UK… Continue reading

Two fashion legends, Karl & Jacobs, Totes

Two absolutely adorable tote bags from the design studio Pattern People, they feature famous faces made in plain black ink on natural cotton canvas. Known for their fashion prints, the team from Pattern… Continue reading

RightRides, “Who’s Gonna Drive You Home Tonight?”

Maybe you have already been asked “Who’s Gonna Drive You Home Tonight?” or at least, you’d thought about it. This is exactly the question that RightRides– a New York-based non-profit, has an answer… Continue reading

Artist Jason Scuderi, Anti Totes

Called “Anti Totes”, they belong to a series of four designs, part of the larger ANTIMOTION project, which is a printed and digital identity project. Artist Jason Scuderi, known for his work in… Continue reading

Mel Lim, Cuteness Inspire Prints

How do design and business get along? Very well, in fact, if you are Mel Lim. The Malaysian designer started to follow her passion in adolescence and transformed it into a successful business.… Continue reading

Montreal based, Pin Pals, Tote Bag

The Pin Pals are actually two girls, Sara and Sam, the talented self-taught crafters from Montreal who made this tote. Called “Housefoot” tote, it’s been hand drawn and printed on canvas, using black… Continue reading

hellovon, Fleeting Secret

Called “Fleeting secret”, the design shows a girl’s head, hair in the wind, swept over her mouth, like preventing her from telling anything, a secret perhaps. As your eyes follow, you can see… Continue reading

The Dept, Studio

“Androids always win!” is a tote design from The Dept. studio, featuring blue android silhouettes on white canvas, a little army full of energy and enthusiasm.  The Dept. is an independent multi-discipline studio… Continue reading

Keren Richter & Vans Collaboration

This acid pink and yellow on white background  tote is a signature product from the work of the very popular artist Keren Richter, which was designed for the Vans’ spring collection. The tote… Continue reading

Josh Cochran

The suburban and amazing style of the Brooklyn-based designer Josh Cochran gives us something to remember in the prints of those two tote bags. A modern approach of the classics: the design is… Continue reading