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M.N.Davis & Son Vintage inspired All Brooklyn NY Made #Totebags

M.N.Davis & Son originally started by designer Mariko Nakaya’s side back in 2007. She wanted to make bags that looked and felt like her favorite vintage items, and that were made with that… Continue reading

Becca Clason Cheering You to a Healthy Lifestyle through Hand-Lettering #totebag

Becca Clason Cheering You to a Healthy Lifestyle Cheerletter is the brain child of Becca Clason. Becca is a Letterer, graphic designer, nutritionist and fitness lover based in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.… Continue reading

London design Partnership Crispin Finn Support Local Shops #ToteBag

Crispin Finn is a small London based design partnership. The little design studio was established and run by Anna Fidalgo – a graphic designer and Roger Kelly – a fine artist, their shared… Continue reading

Blogger Arcticlace Created Self Made Chalk Board Tote Bag Prints #totebag

Arcticlace is the creation of New York based Display and Exhibit Designer, Sarah. Sarah created these wonderfully ingenious self made tote bags as a hobby project. The project is well detailed on Sarah’s blog… Continue reading

The Notting Hill Shopping Bag, Created by Natasha Courtenay Smith & Designed by Little School Children. #totebag

I have been exchanging emails with Natasha Courtenay Smith., an entrepreneur living and working from Notting Hill, London, I was excited to hear and see a wonderfully designed range of tote bags. Natasha produces a… Continue reading

This Bag Contains, A Gun, A Bomb, A very Large Knife and Loads of Drugs

The above slogan print is pretty much one of the fun examples of why tote bags exist, tote bags dont always exist to save the planet, well they do, but you know what… Continue reading

Typography Tote Bag Graphic Round Up, Ooohhh Typography

Small Neutraface Slab Tote b – diff The Whiteboard ABC Tote Counter Print Reiter8 Here are some examples of typography used on tote bags, I thought it would be a good idea to… Continue reading

Print Magazine, The Carry Hope Charity Tote Bags, Created by 13 Design Studios

Büro Destruct for Greenpeace James Joyce for Save the Children Laurent Fetis for The World Wildlife Fund Spin for Bone Cancer Research UK Print Magazine invited 13 of their favorite designers to submit… Continue reading

Chip Chop! Hannah Chipkin, off beat canvas totes

It is the brain child of designer, Hannah Chipkin and reflects her colourful, left of field perspective on all things big and small – making things that speak to like-minded people. ‘It’s all… Continue reading

Pintuck, Old Fashioned, Back to Basics Tote Bags Green Slogans

Pintuck is a online boutique shop. Mary Fellows products are designed, printed and supplied in England, her designs have a very soft and sweet feel to them which is a lovely vision. You… Continue reading

Steve Price, Stay In Dept Tote Bag Message

Steve Price is a London based designer. This particular tote bag design he created was inspired by the legendary ‘Keep calm and Carry On’ poster from 1939. Commissioned by King George and the… Continue reading

Louise Lynn, Fluid Typographic Bag Prints

Louise Lynn is a young designer and artist from Liverpool UK. For such a young designer she is carving a good career for herself. The tote bags louise has created are very fluid… Continue reading

Flygirl, Screen Printed Tote Bag

These typographic screen printed tote bags were created by Flygirl. She writes a blog on and  journal of all things beautiful, creative and inspirational. Flygirl’s tote bag was created  while taking a screen… Continue reading

Matthew Lein, Brooklyn-Based Illustrator Likes To Show His Artwork On Tote Bags.

Did you know that “in New York if you buy a pack of gum at the bodega, they will double wrap it in plastic bags unless you tell them not too”? Artists and… Continue reading

“State-By-Celebrity” Melangerie's Tote Bag

Famous American people from Annie Oakley (Ohio) to Frank Zappa (Maryland) have been hand-picked by Melangerie team to combine into a true variety of stars. “State-By-Celebrity”  tote bag features illustrations of one famous… Continue reading

“State-By-Celebrity” Melangerie’s Tote Bag

Famous American people from Annie Oakley (Ohio) to Frank Zappa (Maryland) have been hand-picked by Melangerie team to combine into a true variety of stars. “State-By-Celebrity”  tote bag features illustrations of one famous… Continue reading

UK Designer Catherine Colebrook, Keep Calm Totes

Pink, yellow, teal or lavender: there are a few of the available options for personalizing this tote bag. Color and fabric make a nice pair for UK designer Catherine Colebrook, who likes to… Continue reading

Animal Bandido, Colorful indie street-wear label

Striking colors, funky patterns and shapes, crazy names and a lot of bare skin, where does this psychedelic fuzziness originate from? “Nuevo orden mondial”, “Carcelona”, “Cabaret Macabro” are some of the newest designs… Continue reading

Alison Carmichael Makes a Contemporary Statement, Tote Bag

Glossy magazine campaigns can sometimes be more than fluff, especially when they reach to an eco-conscious target audience with a responsible, powerful message to protect nature. “We Are What We Do”, same guys… Continue reading

Print Liberation Studio, Bold and Unforgettable Prints

For the print liberation, Jamie Dillon and Nick Paparone from Print Liberation studio work non-stop to create “fresh, delicious, and new” stuff, like these totes here. Strong and clear messages on their products usually… Continue reading

Village, Type Inspired Tote Prints

Have you ever wondered who is behind all those fonts we use for artistic or plain writing purposes? Village is a type co-op formed by eleven type lovers of various nationalities, who create… Continue reading

Dustin Amery Hostetler, aka UPSO, Tote Print

There’s always a good time to make art, but probably the best moment is right now. The message of this tote goes right to the point, as a part of the profits goes… Continue reading

Wyeth Hansen, “Make Some Noise” Tote

The graphic design belongs to Wyeth Hansen from Labour- a New York based small creative office. Together with his associate, Ryan Dunn, they approach a full spectrum of media, “from moving image and… Continue reading

Stewart Walker, Typographic Tote

How do you feel about typing? Would you wear something like A, B, C? Enthusiastic Scottish artist Stewart Walker is the author of this lovely typographic design. Appreciating “simplicity, detail and intellectual rigor”… Continue reading

Erica Dorn and Colette gallery Tote

“We love Paris” – is this just another travel statement or is it something more? This tote-bag design featuring bold zippers and orange buttons was made by artist Erica Dorn with Colette and… Continue reading

Sarah J. Coleman

Depicted as a cheerful grocery bag, it can also feature as a trendy accessory to our urban outfit. This design was made by artist Sarah J. Coleman and for The Outfit, USA, the… Continue reading

Andrew Bannecker

From the talented artist and illustrator Andrew Bannecker you wouldn’t expect nothing less than beautiful creations. He says it himself, using the prints on the tote bags:” Recycling is beautiful” and also “Think… Continue reading

Could a bag really save the world?

An example of typography making a positive statement, a great example of work.