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Son of a Sailor, Sail Boat #totebag Print

    William Knopp and Jessica Tata revel in playful creation and collaboration. William is a graphic designer by trade, who has also made stops along the way in the Navy, the oil… Continue reading

British Designer Maker Stephanie Cole, Accordion Illustration & Singer Sewing Machine #totebag Prints

British designer-maker Stephanie Cole’s work predominantly explores nature and the shapes, patterns and colours which excite her most. Inspirations come from a fruitful mixture of farmer’s markets, British hedgerows and thought-provoking proverbs and… Continue reading

Sabrina Lee is a New York based designer, Illustrates Simple and Chaotic #Totebag Prints

Sabrina Lee is a New York based designer. Sabrina runs an online Boutique called Tote Shoppe, Sabrina is inspired by chaotic; bold coluors, complex patterns, layered textures, lines in architecture, repetition in nature, and… Continue reading

Kate Mowbray Goes for Simple Graphic Tote Bags

Kate Mowbray goes for simple and ingenious designs, minimal shapes and colors, contrasting effects for her tote prints. She thinks that artwork becomes something else when it can be carried round in a… Continue reading

New York based Eric Haze, Tote for 55dsl

Do you like signature totes?  Here comes an interesting one. A black and white dramatic design featuring stars and geometrical shapes, this carries the signature of a living legend in the graphic artists’… Continue reading

Retro Yet Hip, Hanna Melin, Summer holiday 1989 Tote Bag

How was our world 20 years ago? We may have different angles of remembering this. Considered R, “H” tote bag by Hanna Melin brings back a glimpse of her own memories from the… Continue reading

Could a bag really save the world?

An example of typography making a positive statement, a great example of work.

Printbrigade Save The Animals, Tote Bag

Plastic bags suck. Over 100,000 animals a year mistake them for food and die. DA and Chris Piascik (Doodle Artist) Created this lovely screen-printed canvas bag

Monkey Dozen Tote Bag

12/02/2009 : FEBRUARY TOTE BAGS Monkey Dozen A great little cheeky print from

Hands Tote Bag

12/02/2009 : FEBRUARY TOTE BAGS Hands Medical Tote Bag A lovely simple Tote bag print from

Love Birds Tote Bag

11/02/2009 : FEBRUARY TOTE BAGS Love Birds Organic pioneers, Stewart + Brown, use the finest sustainable materials available to create functional styles while extracting the bare minimum from earth’s precious capital. In addition… Continue reading

Romp Perfect Tote Bag Print

11/02/2009 : FEBRUARY TOTE BAGS Perfect For Valentines Day A great looking print, perfect for Valentines day.