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M.N.Davis & Son Vintage inspired All Brooklyn NY Made #Totebags

M.N.Davis & Son originally started by designer Mariko Nakaya’s side back in 2007. She wanted to make bags that looked and felt like her favorite vintage items, and that were made with that… Continue reading

Jitesh Patel Illustration Hand Drawn Wild Crow and Owl Tote Bag Illustrated Prints #totebag

I have a keen interest in Tote bags, one which has become a bit of an obsession, I started to collect tote bags when I was travelling around South East Asia, My interest… Continue reading

Designer Ruby Chen Designs Influenced by Animals and the Environment

Ruby Chen is a designer and maker who runs a little studio with her husband called M+T Design, inspired by animal and nature around us. The husband and wife team have a sensitivity to the… Continue reading

Artists Create Tote Bag Art with ArtworkHeroes a Curated Online-Marketplace Allowing Art Lovers and Artists to Express Themselves #totebag

Artists Create Tote Bag Art with ArtworkHeroes ArtworkHeroes is a curated online-marketplace allowing art lovers and artists to express themselves by buying and selling affordable art print products. What makes ArtworkHeroes especially heroic… Continue reading

Australia Based Designer Hello Penny Creates Cute Owl and Squirrel #Totebag Prints

            Hello Penny is a designer based in Australia, After more that a decade of painting professionally, Hellopenny decided to take a new direction to the side of artmaking, and… Continue reading

Tiger & Hare by Amanda Chia, Melbourne based Designer Creates Stylised Owl & Cloud #totebag Printed Bags

Tiger & Hare by Amanda Chia is a little boutique specialising in original illustrations with a touch of whimsy. Inspired by travel, nature, art and everyday life, Amanda Chia brings a little playfulness… Continue reading

Cardiff based Illustrator, Katy Webster Creates Bold colourful illustrated Fox and Cat Graphic #Totebag Prints

Miri, is a design brand which produces unique accessories, jewellery and cards designed by artist and printmaker Katy Webster, based in Cardiff Wales. ‘Miri’ means ‘fun’ or ‘celebration’ in Welsh and is the… Continue reading

Cute Totebag Repeat Prints by Successful Leah Goren, Brooklyn based illustrator and Surface Pattern Designer

Leah Goren is a successful illustrator and surface pattern designer living in Brooklyn, NY with her curly-haired cat, Leah creates beautiful fabric prints, which are sometimes applied to tote bags such as the… Continue reading

Stitched Owl print Sewn onto #totebag by Embroidery artist Rosanna Geissler

RosieG Embroidery was created in 2010 by Rosanna Geissler. All Embroidery artwork is created by Rosie and a basic sewing machine. Rosies website states , all products are created with patience, care & attention… Continue reading

Prism of Starlings Created by Kirsty Baynham, Illustrates Wolf #Totebag Goodness

Prism of Starlings is a design collection of illustrated goodness by Kirsty Baynham. The collection focuses on turning design concepts into usable and decorative products, such as tote bags The print is a… Continue reading

Depeapa, aka, Verónica de Arriba, from Granada, Spain, Creates these Beautifully Illustrated #totebag

Verónica de Arriba from Granada, Spain Creates these beautifully illustrated tote bags under her brand name, Depeapa, the Spanish for “from start to finish”. Verónica has bee successfully designing products for 5 years and, and… Continue reading

SewSew Totes, Quirky Character Tote Bag Prints Created by Designer, Claire Walls #totebags

Claire Walls is a designer from the Northwest of england and the creator for SewSew. A little design company that has some cleaver and big ideas. SewSew make all of their products by hand. which… Continue reading

Extinct Animals #totebag Illustrated by Meera Patel

‘Meera Patel’, is an illustration artist from the East Coast of America. Meera is very much a creative soul, its just as well, as the world is defiantly a prettier place with her illustrations,… Continue reading

Tiny Little Umbrella, Individually Hand Dyed, #Totebags in Oak Cask from Santa Cruz, CA, United States.

‘Tiny Little Umbrella’, is a independent designer, creating handmade products such as the tote bags above. Each bag in this series has been individually hand dyed in an oak cask, then screen printed… Continue reading

By Charlie’s Hand, Intricate Paper Cut Style Tote Bag, Stag & Magpie Printed Designs #totebags

Charlotte Trimm, is the creator of  ‘By Charlie’s Hand’,. Charlotte is a papercut artist creating intricate and delicate illustrations, which are cut out by hand. Charlotte’s illustrations take alot of skill to create,… Continue reading

Saroj Patel, Unique Hand Crafted, Limited Edition Tote Bags

Saroj Patel, unique hand painted tote bags are a one of a kind and original, Saroj’s illustration creations are  individually hand painted on to each tote bag, and they are a very  limited quantity which… Continue reading

Gemma Correll, Love of Pugs and Tote Bags

Gemma Correll, stylized illustration is very distinctive. A very humorous and witty style of work that always makes you smile and laugh, here are some great examples of her wit and love of Pugs which… Continue reading

Incase x John Hill Jr. Tote Bags

On July 16, 2010 Incase launched their first collaboration with THIS Gallery Los Angeles. Together they created 100 limited edition screen printed totes featuring the work of exhibiting illustrator John Hill, Jr. Unfortunately these… Continue reading

Penny Richards Eversole, Cute Tote Bag Prints

Penny Richards Eversole was creating things out of paper, drawing and planting the seeds of what would eventually lead to a career in graphic design. Pinkerton is run out of a small studio… Continue reading

Geneine Honey, Whimsical Story, Tote bag

The Australian artists Geneine Honey, Whimsical and figurative illustration style inspired her to create accessories which she fell in love with, and created this wonderful tote bag. It is very clear to see… Continue reading

Kentarou Tanaka, Rhythmic, Painterly Tote Bags

Kentarou Tanaka is a Japanese artists Living in small town call Shiga, Japan. Kentarou’s work is rhythmic patterning of painterly and cultural elements – sacred and profane, personal and political, from high and… Continue reading

Arlo Keo Valera, Aquatic Theme Totes

Arlo Keo Valera is an illustrator and artist who currently lives and works in Honolulu Hawaii. These two tote bag prints inspired by a aquatic theme are very impact-full and playful. The bags… Continue reading

Totes! Alena Hennessey's Woven Lovelies.

Totes! Alena Hennessey’s Woven Lovelies.

Cute and Adorable Characters, Kat Leuzinger Totes

Lovely is the new black in the world of design and young artist Kat Leuzinger is one of its most skillful illustrators. Influenced by both Swiss and Japanese native background, she showcases artwork… Continue reading

LA Based Illustrator Hannah Stouffer, A World of Magic Creatures

A world of magic creatures, where “the heart of darkness exists within the light” and “darkness falls forever”, where designs are filled with intricate details and mythological elements blended into an eclectic agglomeration… Continue reading

Little Fury, Cheerful Totes

Although they have an impressive portfolio of branding and product packaging, Little Fury designers bring us those cheerful totes. They have a nice surprise that makes them really playful, the tote bags include… Continue reading

Print Liberation Studio, Bold and Unforgettable Prints

For the print liberation, Jamie Dillon and Nick Paparone from Print Liberation studio work non-stop to create “fresh, delicious, and new” stuff, like these totes here. Strong and clear messages on their products usually… Continue reading

Gemma Latimer

Gemma Latimer, a British freelance illustrator, amazes with this unique mix of eco-chic and anthropomorphic characters. Her collages are usually inspired by Circuses, Victoriana and Surrealism, as she defines her own style. Minimalist… Continue reading

Mia Hansen’s totes

Meet Mia Hansen’s totes, whose usual focus is on “clean modern layouts and beautiful typography”. She’s a young graphic designer living in Vancouver and her portfolio includes illustration for children works and also… Continue reading