Massachusetts based Forestbound brand reclaimed Tote Bags

Forestbound was started by Alice Saunders in 2007 and is a small operation based out of Fringe Union in Somerville, Massachusetts. The tote bags by Forestbound are all made in house in their studio from… Continue reading

M.N.Davis & Son Vintage inspired All Brooklyn NY Made #Totebags

M.N.Davis & Son originally started by designer Mariko Nakaya’s side back in 2007. She wanted to make bags that looked and felt like her favorite vintage items, and that were made with that… Continue reading

Tote Bag Workshop at Albam Clothing Spitalfields Store

As many of you know I’m pretty interested in tote bags and when a friend sent me a link to a tote bag work shop, it was some thing I could not pass… Continue reading

Mobile Screen-Printing Studio Lets Customers Print their T-shirts, as well as Posters and #totebags

This mobile screen-printing studio, Print Van Paris is run by Oschon Wespi-Tschopp and Simon Roché they are look forward to customers to want to print for them a selection of limited edition prints by international… Continue reading

Melanie Blodgett blog youaremyfave DIY #totebag project

Melanie Blodgett blog youaremyfave DIY Totebag Melanie Blodgett is a bloger who writes and curates her inspirational blog youaremyfave. Based in Denver, USA (Correction has now moved to Washington State) writes a popular blog.… Continue reading

Becca Clason Cheering You to a Healthy Lifestyle through Hand-Lettering #totebag

Becca Clason Cheering You to a Healthy Lifestyle Cheerletter is the brain child of Becca Clason. Becca is a Letterer, graphic designer, nutritionist and fitness lover based in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.… Continue reading

Jitesh Patel Illustration Hand Drawn Wild Crow and Owl Tote Bag Illustrated Prints #totebag

I have a keen interest in Tote bags, one which has become a bit of an obsession, I started to collect tote bags when I was travelling around South East Asia, My interest… Continue reading

Designer Ruby Chen Designs Influenced by Animals and the Environment

Ruby Chen is a designer and maker who runs a little studio with her husband called M+T Design, inspired by animal and nature around us. The husband and wife team have a sensitivity to the… Continue reading

Artists Create Tote Bag Art with ArtworkHeroes a Curated Online-Marketplace Allowing Art Lovers and Artists to Express Themselves #totebag

Artists Create Tote Bag Art with ArtworkHeroes ArtworkHeroes is a curated online-marketplace allowing art lovers and artists to express themselves by buying and selling affordable art print products. What makes ArtworkHeroes especially heroic… Continue reading

Australia Based Designer Hello Penny Creates Cute Owl and Squirrel #Totebag Prints

            Hello Penny is a designer based in Australia, After more that a decade of painting professionally, Hellopenny decided to take a new direction to the side of artmaking, and… Continue reading

HelloMarine Creates Punchy Pom Pom Hat Pattern #totebag graphic bag

HelloMarine was born in Paris, grew up in South of France and moved to Brighton to study Graphic Design. Now living and working in Brighton as an illustrator she divides her time between… Continue reading

Malaysian Illustrator Minifanfan Creates thoughtful Character based Tote Bags

Eng Gee Fan, also known as Minifanfan. She has a wonderful Chinese name called “依凡” pronounced as Yī Fán. She is a Malaysian Chinese, raised in a small town called Kota Tinggi and… Continue reading

Tiger & Hare by Amanda Chia, Melbourne based Designer Creates Stylised Owl & Cloud #totebag Printed Bags

Tiger & Hare by Amanda Chia is a little boutique specialising in original illustrations with a touch of whimsy. Inspired by travel, nature, art and everyday life, Amanda Chia brings a little playfulness… Continue reading

Cardiff based Illustrator, Katy Webster Creates Bold colourful illustrated Fox and Cat Graphic #Totebag Prints

Miri, is a design brand which produces unique accessories, jewellery and cards designed by artist and printmaker Katy Webster, based in Cardiff Wales. ‘Miri’ means ‘fun’ or ‘celebration’ in Welsh and is the… Continue reading

Marseille Based Illustrator, Lolita Picco, Creates Collage inspired #Totebag Printed Designs

Lolita Picco is an illustrator and designer based in Marseille, France. Lolita creates surreal collage illustrations, which are created for print and clothing, some of Lolita’s illustrations have been created into little products… Continue reading

Heart Zeena Screen Printing Workshop Fun Day #Totebag Hand Silk Screen Printing

It’s a cold winters day, how else would you spend it then to take a course learning to screen print and make exciting designs. I find myself at Heart Zeena studio. Zeena who… Continue reading

Minneapolis USA, Based Eight Hour Day, Create Educational #Totebag Packs for Walker Art Centre

Eight Hour Day is a husband and wife creative team based in Minneapolis USA, They enjoy what they do and like working as a Husband and Wife team working side by side, their… Continue reading

One Lane Road Green Inspired #totebag For Veggie Lovers & Gardeners

One Lane Road is a home based screen print and leather shop run by Designer Becky from Oregon, United States. All of the designs start from hand drawn illustrations. As well as making the… Continue reading

London design Partnership Crispin Finn Support Local Shops #ToteBag

Crispin Finn is a small London based design partnership. The little design studio was established and run by Anna Fidalgo – a graphic designer and Roger Kelly – a fine artist, their shared… Continue reading

The Super Rad Nail Sisters Rohani and Rosalie Osman The Finger #totebag

The Super Rad Nail Sisters are Rohani and Rosalie Osman. Coming from fine art/textiles and animation/illustration backgrounds, respectively, these girls have decided to use their talents on the micro canvases that are your… Continue reading

Son of a Sailor, Sail Boat #totebag Print

    William Knopp and Jessica Tata revel in playful creation and collaboration. William is a graphic designer by trade, who has also made stops along the way in the Navy, the oil… Continue reading

Cute Totebag Repeat Prints by Successful Leah Goren, Brooklyn based illustrator and Surface Pattern Designer

Leah Goren is a successful illustrator and surface pattern designer living in Brooklyn, NY with her curly-haired cat, Leah creates beautiful fabric prints, which are sometimes applied to tote bags such as the… Continue reading

Painter Illustrator Deth P. Sun Character Totebag Prints Make you Smile

Deth P. Sun is a painter/illustrator currently residing from Berkeley, Deth P. Sun creates work which is show in exhibitions with other fellow artists a few times a year as well as creating… Continue reading

Pinecone and Chickadee Tiger #Totebag and Broccoli Screen Printed Bags

Pinecone+Chickadee is a collaboration between graphic designer/illustrator, Amy Teh, and her musician husband, Noah DeFilippis. The duo work with screen printing to create their printed work. Pinecone+Chickadee is a small brand based in… Continue reading

Berlin Based, Illustration Artist, Ana Albero, Character #totebag Print

Ana Albero is a illustration artist based Berlin. Ana has established a wonderful illustration style, which is rich in narrative and story telling. Ana’s illustrations has a interesting depth full of detail which… Continue reading

Blogger Arcticlace Created Self Made Chalk Board Tote Bag Prints #totebag

Arcticlace is the creation of New York based Display and Exhibit Designer, Sarah. Sarah created these wonderfully ingenious self made tote bags as a hobby project. The project is well detailed on Sarah’s blog… Continue reading

French Designer Juliette Collet of Zü designs happy cloud Tote Bag

Created in May 2010, the Zü brand offers creations of decorative accessories, illustrations and a range of stationery. The creations are made in France in as small collections. As a trained graphic artist… Continue reading

Designsonearth Eco Bag Art Workshop London Design Festival

I was invited by Designsonearth which is a start up company formed by 2 forward thinking women Naomi Conneely and Merryl Catlow to come along to the Royal Festival Hall on the Southbank where… Continue reading

Illustrator Emily Boyd, Inspired by British Culture Creates #totebag Quirky Prints

Illustrator Emily Boyd, has been inspired by British culture, the royal family, tea drinking, rock ‘n roll and tattoos which have been applied to these carriers.  The bags I have selected feature; ‘Insane on… Continue reading

Stitched Owl print Sewn onto #totebag by Embroidery artist Rosanna Geissler

RosieG Embroidery was created in 2010 by Rosanna Geissler. All Embroidery artwork is created by Rosie and a basic sewing machine. Rosies website states , all products are created with patience, care & attention… Continue reading