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HelloMarine Creates Punchy Pom Pom Hat Pattern #totebag graphic bag

HelloMarine was born in Paris, grew up in South of France and moved to Brighton to study Graphic Design. Now living and working in Brighton as an illustrator she divides her time between… Continue reading

Sabrina Lee is a New York based designer, Illustrates Simple and Chaotic #Totebag Prints

Sabrina Lee is a New York based designer. Sabrina runs an online Boutique called Tote Shoppe, Sabrina is inspired by chaotic; bold coluors, complex patterns, layered textures, lines in architecture, repetition in nature, and… Continue reading

Depeapa, aka, Verónica de Arriba, from Granada, Spain, Creates these Beautifully Illustrated #totebag

Verónica de Arriba from Granada, Spain Creates these beautifully illustrated tote bags under her brand name, Depeapa, the Spanish for “from start to finish”. Verónica has bee successfully designing products for 5 years and, and… Continue reading

Adidas Originals shopper Bag

The idea of carrying a branded tote bag like this Adidas Originals shopper bag may seem a little far from what it appears to be one of the tote bag’s goals: making an… Continue reading

New York Based Studio, Murder She Tote

Lady bugs on a lady bag, but also large confetti print for boys’ choice and a luscious Marylin Monroe print for tastes of any gender- these are only a few words to describe… Continue reading

Mike Perry’s, Pattern Tote

Straight from Mike Perry’s studio, in New York City, this pattern tote matches the taste of the urban culture lovers (and Mike Perry’s patterns lovers, in general). Also known as MIDWESTISBEST, the artist… Continue reading

Jess Neill, DIY design

A limited edition of 21 screen printed tote bags from the “friendly and sarcastic designer” Jess Neill , who lives and works in Baltimore, USA. The red, yellow and green totes show a… Continue reading

Alakazam and Medicom collaboration Bag

This  fabulous tote bag is the result of the collaboration between Alakazam and Medicom Fabrick.  The all-over print featuring a monster inspired theme is a signature work from Will Sweeney. The label of… Continue reading